NorESM1 is the Norwegian Earth System model used for CMIP5. The model is based on the CCSM framework ( However, NorESM has special features developed by Norwegian researchers.

Main references are:

GMD - Special issue The Norwegian Earth System Model: NorESM; basic development, validation, scientific analyses, and climate scenarios [1] [2] [3] [4]

This website contains information shared between NorESM developers and users.

Obtaining a version of the model

If you are on a normal ubuntu PC and want the source code, you might see that “svn checkout” complains about “gnome keyring”. If you see this problem, the solution is here:

  • Need access to other versions: Special access document:

Running / Configuring the model

Develop the model

Setting up at different machines

Most developers compile and run NorESM on hexagon ( That machine uses the portland group fortran compiler. Most developers develop the code on that machine using “develop/compile/run/analyze print statments” on that machine.

Some experiments have also been done with compiling running CAM on a normal Linux PC in order to use interactive debuggers. (see below)

Setting up CAM on your own linux PC

Issue tracker

Any development should ideally be agreed with the NorESM development team and be properly described in the issue tracker, see the link below

Using the issue tracker

If you have changed the model and want to merge your changes to the trunk, your model has to pass some tests:


Test list for NorESM

Version control best practices

  • NEW: After switching to git (13th november 2015) the

    svn-repository is read-only. Some advice on how to use the new git-repository are available here: Obtain a copy of the model (using git)

Some guidelines for modifying NorESM’s subversion repository:

SVN - Best Practice/FAQ

How-to for setting up svn repositories on NorStore: Subversion how-to for NorStore


Archive model results

Long-term archiving is normally done on NorStore’s disk resources (e.g, in /projects/NS2345K/noresm/cases).

To avoid loss of data, another copy should be placed on tape. For instructions, see NorStore Tape Storage

Data that builds the basis of publications should be migrated to NorStore’s Research Data Archive in order to guarantee preservation and also to offload the project area. For specific NorESM instructions, see NorStore Research Data Archive: Guidelines for ingestion of NorESM output

CMIP5 archive of NorESM results

NorStore Research Data Archive: Guidelines for ingestion of NorESM output

Share model results

Model output and derived data products can be shared via the Norwegian Earth System Grid data portal (see Simple online sharing for instructions).

Past and ongoing work

Several simulations have been performed with NorESM. A list of available simulations and runs can be found here. List of model runs by NorESM. The page also contains an overview of planned simulations. A fairly extensive description of the model and to some extent also the CMIP5 runs can be found at

Choose one of the links. Search for NorESM1-M CMIP5 in the search fields. Choose the link model documentation

NorESM is also used in several projects: Existing projects


See presentation from NorESM workshop November 28'th 2013



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