Simple online sharing

Share data online

For simple data sharing, use the script **/projects/NS2345K/tools/wwwpublish**: Usage:

``  wwwpublish ```` ```` ``
``  or ``
``  wwwpublish ```` ```` ``


``  wwwpublish /projects/NS2345K/noresm/thredds/CORE2/AMOC CORE2-AMOC ``
``  or``
``  wwwpublish /projects/NS2345K/noresm/noresm2cmor.tbz noresm2cmor ``


``  Publish data online at \ ``` <>`__`` ``


``  The input path must be absolute and start with /projects/NS2345K.``

``  Only regular files are considered. Symbolic links are skipped.``
``         ``
``  All date files must have unique names as the folder stucture is ``
``  flattened during publication. ``
``  Reading permissions of the data files have to be open to everyone. ``
``  However, reading permissions of the folders containing the files ``
``  can be closed. ``
``             ``
``  ```` should be one word and not contain any special ``
``  characters other than “-” and “_”.           ``

The script provides following:

`` *local path to a folder that contains hard-links to the data files ``
`` *URL that points to the online-catalogue where the shared files are exposed ``
`` *download-URL to a wget-script that can be used to download the entire dataset (note that execution permissions have to be changed prior to running the script)   ``

NOTE: The sharing method uses hard-links. This has the advantages that no additional disk space is used and that the sharing happens instantaneous. A removal of the hard-links will unshare the data, but will not affect the original files.

Unshare data

If you don’t want to share a dataset anymore, use the script **/projects/NS2345K/tools/wwwunpublish**: Usage: wwwunpublish

Example: wwwunpublish CORE2-AMOC

Purpose: Unpublish a dataset from NorStore’s www-server

NOTE: Unsharing data will not affect the original data.

Data sharing via the Norwegian ESG data portal

IMPORTANT: The portal is currently offline for maintenance and its operation is expected to be resumed sometime in October. For an alternative data sharing method see previous section “Simple data sharing”.

{{ :noresm:noresg.png?nolink&512 |}}

Simplified publishing (unofficial ESG publication)

All users of the NorStore project ns2345k have the possibility to share their data via NorStore’s ESG data portal

Requirements are:

`` * the data has to reside in /projects/NS2345K (same as /norstore_osl/projects/NS2345K)``
`` * all files must be regular (i.e., no symbolic links) ``
`` * file names must all be unique (folder hierarchy is flattened during publication)``
`` * reading permissions of data files must be open to everyone (does not apply to their parent folders)``

Note that the data sharing solution uses hard links to avoid additional use of disk resources. The original data is not touched/modified.

Publish a simple dataset to NorStore’s ESG data portal

For simple data sharing with ESG support, use the script **/projects/NS2345K/tools/esgpublish**: Usage: esgpublish [unlisted]

``      or ``
``      esgpublish \ \ `` ``\ \ `` [unlisted]

Example: esgpublish /projects/NS2345K/noresm/thredds/CORE2/AMOC CORE2-AMOC

``        or``
``        esgpublish /projects/NS2345K/noresm/noresm2cmor.tbz noresm2cmor unlisted ``

Purpose: Publish data via NorStore’s online data portal

Description: The input path must be absolute and start with /projects/NS2345K or

``            /norstore_osl/projects/NS2345K.  ``

``            Only regular files (i.e., no symbolic links) are considered. ``
``         ``
``            All date files must have unique names as the folder stucture is ``
``            flattened during publication. ``
``            Reading permissions of the data files have to be open to everyone, ``
``            but reading permissions of the folders containing the files can be ``
``            closed. ``
``             ``
``            ```` should be one word and not contain any special ``
``            characters other than “-” and “_”. ``
``          ``
``            If a third argument is specified and set to “unlisted” then the ``
``            dataset will be served through the file server but not published ``
``            to the portal.             ``

Remove a simple dataset from NorStore’s ESG data portal

To unpublish a dataset that previously has been published with esgpublish, use the script **/projects/NS2345K/tools/esgunpublish**: Usage: esgunpublish

Example: esgunpublish CORE2-AMOC

Purpose: Unpublish a dataset from NorStore’s online data portal

Standard publishing (official ESG publication)

Several projects (e.g, CMIP, GeoMIP, etc) require special post-processing and ESG publishing procedures.

Please contact Ingo Bethke (ingo.bethke[at] or Alf Grini (alfg[at] for assistance.